May 6, 2007


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Last night we went to visit with Uncle Gordon and Steven.  We were going to play cards, but as Uncle Gordon went to get Peyton and Steven from the trampoline he remembered his burn pile, so instead of playing cards safely in the house we decided to play with fire. 

Washington wood is typically very wet, especially at this time of year, so to ensure that the fire would start we poured quite a bit of gasoline onto the pile and everyone warned Peyton to stand back.  The gasoline definitely helped.  Steven went to gather branches, so Peyton trailed behind, picking up whatever sticks and twigs he came across.  When both boys were content with their full arms, Steven carefully placed his branches like the cadet he is, and Peyton operated with a different sort of careful – he stood far back from the flaming pile and tossed his sticks so they landed somewhere in the general vicinity.  He really liked “Uncle Gordon’s campfire.” 

We couldn’t find chocolate bars for Smores, so instead we used chocolate chips.  Steven whittled the end of one stick into a point and we roasted some marshmallows while Peyton ate who-knows-how-many handfuls of chocolate chips from the bag.  He sang the veggietales song “Graham cracker, graham cracker, chocolate bar, sittin’ round the campfire under the stars roastin’ marshmallows, marshmallows, sticky and sweet, put ’em all together and ya got a treat.”

At bedtime, we put out a tarp and brought down a sleeping bag, but Peyton didn’t realize he was going to have to stay in the sleeping bag.  As soon as I tucked him in he stretched and wanted to get up and walk around again.  We ended up carrying him upstairs to sleep, then the rest of us sat around the fire for the rest of the evening, gradually moving our chairs into a tighter circle until the fire was nothing more than a smoldering pile of ash.


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