April 26, 2007


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Why do extroverted children happen to introverted parents?

I’m kind of starting to think that it might be possible that Peyton could perhaps be an extrovert. 

Whether he’s extroverted or completely NOT SHY, he’s embarrassing, but we’re working on it.  Every time we cross paths with anyone or anything that draws breath, Peyton says “Hello!” or “Mommy, what’s ‘is name?” or “Mommy, where’s ‘e going?” or “Look, Mommy, my friend!”  For example, today we were playing at the park and he started pestering some fifth grader –

“What’s yer name?”


“My name is Peyton.  Are you Daniel in the Lion’s den?”


“Mommy, his name is Daniel in the Lion’s den!”

On the way back from the park, I heard a few teenagers cursing at each other from their razor scooters.  Peyton pulled near them on his super-cool big wheel and called out, “Hello!  Where are you going?”

More embarrassing are his disscussions about other people when they are less than five feet away.  “Mommy, what is that guy drinking?”  Guy looks at Mommy.  “I don’t know; why don’t you ask him?”  Sometimes Peyton does get shy after that; other times he’ll ask the question. 

I suppose it could be worse – “Mommy, why does that lady have ugly hair?”  “Mommy, that guy said stupid.”  “Mommy, that guy is making a bad choice.”  “Mommy, that lady is stinky,” or “Hi, that’s a really ugly dress” or “You tooted!!!!”  I suppose we’ll count our blessings now and pray that it doesn’t come to supergluing his lips shut when we have to go out into public.

Family and Friends, make sure you check out our Guitar Hero post from a few days ago.


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