April 12, 2007

Little Daddy

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:50 pm by ogle3

Peyton has been quite the little daddy this week that we’ve been home together.  He’s constantly concerned for his baby “Dylan,” who, for some unclear reason, seems to have the same name as his babysitter’s new baby.  When Peyton wakes up, he “wakes up” baby Dylan and carries him into our bedroom.  He feeds Dylan at breakfast and washes Dylan’s face and hands afterwards.  He takes Dylan outside with us and tells me to “hold him very carefully” while the little daddy rides his new scooter (new to us – it was $.99 at LC’s thrift store!) or his big wheel.  He puts Dylan into a special bed (blanket on his bookshelf) and reads Dylan a book and sings Dylan a song at nap time, right before I tuck Peyton into bed and read him a book and sing him a song.  Then Peyton reminds me that I “gotta say g’night to baby Dylan!”  So I do, then I sing one more song before I leave and await the awakening.  When Dylan is lost, Peyton grows distressed until we find him, then we celebrate!  Dylan needs hugs and kisses just like Peyton, and Dylan had a birthday today, just like Peyton.  I asked Peyton if he was Dylan’s daddy, and he said “No, I’m Dylan’s big brother.”  He’s going to be a great big brother some day, and in the mean time, baby Dylan is probably the best kept baby doll ever loved by a 3 year old.


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