April 10, 2007

One More Day

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This morning Peyton and I made our first visit to a nursery here in Lynden.  He enjoyed looking at all the different types of shrubberies, and he had strong opinions on which flowers and colors I should buy.  I eventually talked him into red and white geranium.  We planted the (10) white just inside the scalloping flowerbeds along the house, and the (4) red alongside the path to the door.  I really like the red best, but I wasn’t sure what it would look like with the pink flowers that will bloom on the taller plants behind them, so we went with mostly white.

Peyton loves being outside, so after I convinced him that we had drowned the plants enough, we went in for lunch.  Daddy is working full-time this week, but he comes home to eat lunch with us.  Today Daddy brought some good news, some bad news.  Good news: Sandy is getting fixed today.  Bad news: after dropping her off, a rock flicked up from under someone else’s tire and put a tiny crack in his windshield.  Good news: he has a full-time, high-paying job at LC this summer doing what he’s down right now.  Bad news: he has to start the week we were planning to go on vacation with my parents. 

While Peyton napped, I cleaned our bathroom and closet; four rooms down, three to go.  Other items on the agenda for this week: some house shopping – I want a mirror for the spare bedroom and fabric for curtains in the spare room, Peyton’s room and our room; fix the sewing machine (yes, I’ve already broken it, and it happened right before I actually had time to use it for some projects!); and go clothes shopping by myself (or at least without boys)!  It’s amazing how exciting that is, but neither James nor Peyton will allow me to try clothes on, so I haven’t done any real clothes shopping since we moved up here, despite the huge seasonal differences between this year’s clothes and last year’s…though I suppose I could say “last decades'” clothes, since some of the clothes I wear have lasted since high school.

Being home is so nice!


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  1. Gramma said,

    No Puppies??

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