April 9, 2007

Easter Eggs

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We worked the whole Easter egg thing a bit backwards this year, in more ways than one.

This morning, Peyton and I worked through a discussion of our faith in Jesus as we did some gardening.  We bought Peyton child-size gardening tools – a shovel, hoe and watering can – and watermelon seeds instead of candy for Easter, so today he and I spent some time outside together.  We first planted the seeds, then we talked about how the seeds are like our faith, and when we water the seeds with reading the Bible and learning about God, our faith grows.  We also pulled a lot of weeds out, and we talked about the long, strong roots that grow and keep the plant strong when the wind blows, like our faith does.  We also talked, though, about the ugly weeds that were growing up in our pretty flowers, and how we need to pull out the sins and throw them away.  At lunch time I asked him what his favorite part of the morning was, and he remembered a lot of what we talked about.

Another backwards Easter tradition – hunting for eggs.  We didn’t exactly hunt for eggs, since there were none to be found, but we did turn his room upside-down as we carefully cleaned and re-arranged his entired room.  Now the bed is under the window, his bookshelf is clean, we pulled an un-used TV stand next to his bed to perform as a nightstand and bookshelf, and we placed his dresser next to the closet.  The change is nice, as is knowing exactly what is under his bed 🙂  No more dirty socks under there!

Finally, after his extremely long nap, he and I dyed Easter eggs for the first time.  Peyton was very proud of his efforts! 

dyed eggs  eggs2  eggs3  stickering


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  1. Gramma said,

    Your eggs are beee-uuuuu-tiful.
    I know you had a lot of fun doing that!
    Gramma Zak

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