April 8, 2007

He is Risen!

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Easter means so much more this year.  I’m not sure why it took me so long to really figure this out; perhaps my growing desire for Christ’s return, or perhaps it’s the loss of our little one, of Auntie Sandra, and Aunt Susan a year ago that has given me a different perspective on this holy day.  Perhaps it’s that Peyton is old enough now, and having to explain Good Friday and Easter Sunday in terms a three-year-old will understand has taught me something, too.

Christ is Risen!  He died for the sins of those who accept his sacrifice; he overcame death and the grave so that we can, too.  But this year I realize that his resurrection means our resurrection.  I always knew of the resurrection, and I always knew the resurrection was important because it means that he is really God, and that He has power over death.  But this year it means that Jesus rose, and so will Daddy, and Auntie Sandra, and our little one…and those who have been gone from earth longer than the past year. 

Christ is risen!  He is alive, and because He is alive, we will someday see our little one, and Peyton’s Grandpa T., and our beloved Auntie Sandra and Aunt Susan…and those gone before.  Really, how do others get through loss without knowing Christ?  “Because He Lives I can face tomorrow!  Because He lives all fear is gone!  Because I know who holds the future, this life is worth the living just because He lives!”

The Easter sermon was also great today, as it focused on the truth of the resurrection.  When the gigantic stone covering the tomb had been rolled away and Jesus’ body was not found inside and an angel terrified the guards so that they “became like dead men,” the guards informed the authorities, who paid them to forget these things and instead spread word that the disciples had stolen the body.  These disciples paid highly to protect the “lie” of the resurrection – all but one of the 13 disciples was tortured, tormented and murdered because he held to the truth.  Who would stick to a lie when being dragged behind horses or boiled in a vat of oil or whipped to death?  Torture Joseph Smith, and the truth would come out.  Torture other religious founders, and they will admit their ideas are based on ideas, not on fact.  Each of the disciples maintained the same story for lifetimes of hardship and eventually shameful, spiteful death, but each of the 13 continued to proclaim the truth until words could no longer be uttered. 

In the Old Testament book of Job, God allows Satan to test Job’s faith because Satan thinks Job is only faithful to God because God has so richly blessed him.  Job loses his family, his possessions, his health…Job loses all but his very life.  In the end of the book, God returns all of Job’s blessings to him, but this time God blesses him twice as much.  Job now has twice as many possessions as before, and twice as many animals, and twice the riches…but not twice the children.  Job has as many children as the number he lost.  Why doesn’t God double Job’s children?  I suppose that’s a loaded question – God DOES double Job’s children.  Job’s children died and now live in Heaven.  Job has that number of children over again.  Half of Job’s children live on earth with Job, and the other half of his children await him in Heaven.  Today Job and all of his children, double the children he had lost, are together awaiting the resurrection.  Right next to our little one, our fourth, who rests in the arms of Grandpa T or Auntie Sandra, until the appointed day when Christ returns or calls me home, and this mother gets to see her little darling.

Come, Lord Jesus, Come!


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  1. Stephanie said,

    What you have to say here is so good, but what really stuck out for me is that you’re giving yourself plenty of time to grieve your little one, and you’re not hiding it, at least from those of us who are online. I’m very glad. Thanks for sharing that with us. I pray for comfort and healing for you in that area pretty much everytime I check your blog.

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