April 4, 2007

And Peyton Experiments with Drugs

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:50 pm by ogle3

Peyton started a strange dinnertime behavior this week – he holds his fork between his middle and pointer fingers and pretends to smoke.  We asked him where he learned it, but he didn’t seem to understand the question.  Who smokes?  He remembers a few particular people in California who do.  🙂  We blamed Peyton’s unhealthy habit on these people until tonight, when his during-dinner smoke was accompanied by the spelling of his name.  Suck…blow…P.  Suck…blow…E.  Suck…blow…Y…   By the third letter, we figured it out – the haughty caterpillar, Alice in Wonderland.

Earlier this evening we had another issue with Peyton testing flour.  We made cookies; while Peyton continuously stirred the flour according to Mom’s directions, Mommy did important super-fast measuring so Peyton wouldn’t try to “help.”  While I was engrossed in cracking eggs, Peyton was practicing crack on his own – I look over and his face is in the flour.  A second later he blew as hard as he could, scaring himself with the flour that shot up and out of the bowl.  He looked at me in complete shock, and I started laughing uncontrollably, so he giggled as well, his smile the only bit of color on his ghostly face.

Why the drugs?  Peyton has become a father, and I think the stress is too much for him, hence the drug use.  His baby girl’s name is Tinkerbell.  Interestly, (warning, graphic information) his little girl (an anatomically correct pottying doll left from his potty training last summer) has a “little peepee,” but she’s a girl nonetheless (or despitethemore).  She cries a lot, and we always have to be very quiet so we don’t wake her while Peyton tries to sing her rockabyebaby until she falls asleep.  Even then, every time he puts her down she wakes up, so he has to sing to her again.  Also, Peyton is in charge of teaching her “to be a good listener” and “to love Jesus,” and that’s a big job for a little boy.  Anyway, all this extra fathering takes a lot out of him.  We’ll have to spend Spring break helping him to quit his new addictions and find more appropriate means of destressing.


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