April 3, 2007

April Snowers

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:04 pm by ogle3

It’s amazing what a little tiny line can do.  Take the letter n – add a tiny fragment of a line and you’ve got an h instead.  Perhaps when God wrote out directions for mother nature, he left off that little “tiddle” mark on top of the n to demonstrate his sense of humor.

Yes, it snowed yesterday.  The second day of April, a couple weeks into Spring, and snow fell heavily from 8 to noon!  It wasn’t cold enough to stick, so the streets remained cleared and had you not seen it in the air, the unaffected grass could fool anyone.  Snow in April?  Apparently.  At noon, the snow stopped, the clouds dissolved, and the sun brought the pavement to a 50* sizzle. 

The sun stuck around today, as well, and the temperature neared 60*, so Peyton and I made good use of the day as mother nature made up for yesterday’s mistake.  I buckled Peyton into his wagon and Sandy onto her leash, threw in an extra blanket, some water, a beanie and my keys, and off we went to Bender park, a 20 minute walk when one takes the time to enjoy the stoical evergreens and the whispering ripples of fishtrap creek.  We surprised ourselves by spending an hour there – the sun doesn’t set until near 8, so one could play until past dinner without realizing!  I love Washington! 


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