March 28, 2007


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First, welcome to my very first Works for Me Wednesday post:

Need carpet cleaner for a spot that won’t come out?  Grab the purple window cleaner instead.  Peyton spit a blueberry into the white carpet so I gave up hope it would come out.  James, on the other hand, thanks to his custodial training, handed me the purple generic brand window cleaner and all is well with the world.  Clean carpet works for me!

Now on to complaining about the day.  In Canadianspeak, Hump Day (Canadians are so strange!) is over, and it couldn’t have happened too quickly.  Grades were due this morning and I passed back their final reports so they could be prepared for their report cards to come home, but it seemed that gave them the license to do as they pleased rather than learn.  One student had to move to another chair, four kicked out, one of those four kicked out twice.  I also had to sub during my off period, and though the students worked, it was change.  Finally, in the last fifteen minutes five or six students left the lab to go back to the classroom (as the teacher had directed).  In the last five minutes I left the lab to check the classroom…which was empty.  I took names of those left in the lab, and the rest will have to answer to their teacher tomorrow.

Bring on Spring Break!


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  1. Ashley said,

    I’m glad you are participating in WFMW. Welcome!

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