March 26, 2007

A Taste of Spring

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It rains here a lot.  The streets drain properly (unlike LA county), though, so you wouldn’t realize.  Some areas do flood – as we drove the Hannegan to Target we noticed several gigantic lakes in the fields meant for farming.  It didn’t rain as we drove, but after we came out of Target into the sunshine, it was raining…rather, misting.  But sunshine and rain is such an awesome combination!

Sunday was beautiful in Lynden – the sun was out all day, and the temperatures were in the mid 50s (sounds cold to people in CA, but up here when the sun’s out, jeans and a long sleeve shirt are enough to keep one quite comfortable). James and I even kicked the ball around, playing keep away from Jack and Sandy, for an hour during Peyton’s nap.  Today was just as beautiful, the sun shining and the temperature hovering around 60*.  Tonight after dinner (potato soup – great pampered chef recipe to come) we did the same, but this time Peyton came to play with us.  He and Jack don’t always see eye to eye…or perhaps that’s the problem – they literally see eye to eye.  Peyton is afraid of Jack, who loves Peyton so much he wants to smell in his face and all over the rest of him to make sure Peyton’s okay.  He also follows Peyton around everywhere, which, rather than making Peyton feel loved, makes him feel chased.  Occasionally Jack trips Peyton up a bit (like once tonight), but not purposely (at least it wasn’t tonight).  Sandy jumps a little bit, but she’s still smaller than Peyton so it doesn’t bother him than she isn’t completely trained yet.  Anyway, Peyton loved running fence to fence, dribbling the ball while the dogs dribble on the ball.  Jack is a great opponent, always getting in the way, so James and I are forced to do more than just kick the ball back and forth.  Sandy just loves us being outside by her.

Yes, it rains here.  A lot.  But without the rain, we would not appreciate the sunshine so much!  Did we ever kick the ball around in Lakewood?  A handful of times.  But when the sun comes out here, everyone comes outside to enjoy it.  Did I mention sunset – it doesn’t happen until 7:00!  In the summer, the sun doesn’t give up until close to 10!   


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