March 23, 2007

Yet Another Episode

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:41 pm by ogle3

This week Peyton has been doing very well.  I’ve been waking him up earlier in the mornings, so he’s been napping earlier and longer in the afternoons.  I thought that had solved his tantrum issues because I haven’t seen one in several days.

Until today.  After Mrs. Jen’s we went back to school for a few minutes so I could clean up the lounge (my week on KP).  He happily colored on the white board.  He even asked me how to write “Mommy,” so I showed him and he tried to copy it, line for line, but it didn’t quite come out.  After we finished cleaning up, since James had to stay at work late tonight, we were going to go to McDonald’s so Peyton could play for a while before bed.  I ordered, he played.  Then the food showed up.  I told him he could keep playing, but he kept whining and crying from inside the playplace, so I gave him a warning – stop or we’re going home; if you stop listening, then it’s time to leave.  He didn’t stop, so we left.  He wasn’t very happy about it.

He recovered not long after we got home.  He ate a huge dinner – all of his mighty kids meal, complete with apples and milk, plus some of my fries.  He apologized a few times while we ate, and we talked about why we had to leave McDonald’s.  He felt bad – hopefully this sticks in his memory.  If not, we’re going to be doing some listening skills/no whining boot camp over spring break.


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