March 21, 2007

Growing Up

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Peyton is growing up.  I submit to you two events from today as proof:

1: Delay of Gratification.  As we pulled into the grocery store parking lot after school, Peyton saw McDonalds and asked for a “hangaburger” (my favorite Peyton-ism).  McDonalds’ burgers are small, so I told him we’d get one after we bought our groceries.  Several times in the grocery store Peyton asked for various c’s – candy, cookies, chocolate.  Each time I told him that if he bought the treat, he wouldn’t get a hangaburger, and each time, he put the treat away and chose McDonalds.  How mature!  Little ones usually prefer one immediate treat over waiting 10 minutes for 10 treats – kids don’t understand the passage of time and the delay of gratification.  I feel like we’ve been working on waiting for what seems like forever (catch the irony? :-)), so it was nice to see some growth here.  I was very proud to reward him with his hangaburger after shopping, and even more proud when he again acted in love and patience – “I want to wait for Daddy to come home before I eat my hangaburger.”

2:  Understanding and Accepting Consequences.  At LC, teachers treat for others on Thursdays.  My principal and I have the same birthday, so I treat for him this week.  Tomorrow.  I made blueberry and poppyseed muffins and key lime bars.

Peyton helped.  He stirred, he poured, he demanded that I use a few elmo paper liners.  After dinner, after the muffins were done, I unwrapped one of Peyton’s elmo muffins for him, and he took a bite.

He never swallowed the bite.  We went to bed and started to read Peter Pan, but Peyton kept “mmm!”ing at me to wordlessly ask his questions or show me his thoughts.  After a couple pages, I was tired of his gesticulations, so I told him to swallow.  We did the swallow-before-I-count-to-three-or-you’re-going-to-bed thing, and he didn’t cooperate, so I left the room and closed the door.  He threw his fit, getting so worked up he spit his blueberry-muffin saliva all over his pajamas and *gasp* our white carpet. 

After getting washed up with an ice-cold rag, all the while apologizing for his spitting, Peyton got clean pajamas and went to bed. 

“Why aren’t we reading a story tonight, Peyton?”

“Because I didn’t listen.”

“You go to sleep while I clean the blueberry out of the carpet.” (James’ brilliant solution: purple or blue window cleaner.  It gets anything out of the carpet)


And that was it.  He usually protests loudly and violently when he doesn’t get a story before bed, but tonight he didn’t.  He’s growing up – he understood that he had done wrong, and he understood that this was the consequence.  Despite this last hangup, today was a good day.


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