March 13, 2007

Bowling for Books

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:31 pm by ogle3

As I sat at the dining table reading through today’s selection of the One Year Bible, I heard Peyton yelling from the entry that he was bowling.  Whatever he was bowling…or bowling over…sounded very suspicious.  When he heard my chair pull back from the table, he was very excited that I not get up to see what he was doing, which encouraged me all the more to check up on him.  Apparently in whatever dimension his cute little head was operating in, books and bowling balls look, sound, and roll alike.  After scolding him for the heresy of book-bowling, I had an idea.

Rolling books as though they rolled: bad idea.

Rolling hockey ball into rows of standing books: good idea.

So I helped Peyton to arrange the books like bowling pins in our entry, and he used the hockey ball to tip them over, one by one.  This was quite exhilirating for him – after a few rounds he quit with the bowling and started doing some sort of Peter Pan-esque tribal dance around the books.  I’ll add a picture later.



  1. Gramma Zak said,

    Hockey ball? It’s a puck.

  2. ogle3 said,

    Not true – there are hockey pucks that are cylinder shaped ( ) , and there are hockey balls that are ball shaped ( ).

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