March 11, 2007

Trendwest, WorldMark and the Wyndham Hotel

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Last weekend we won a free trip to Anaheim – free airfare, free hotel stay…all we had to do was attend a presentation on Trendwest, a travel company of sorts.  We figured why not – we didn’t have to waste vacation time, and the location was but half an hour away, and they promised it wouldn’t take more than 90 minutes.

We attended the presentation on Wednesday.  Trendwest is a company that offers vacation ownership – it’s like a timeshare, but members purchase vacation credits that can be used at any time, in any of their many locations around the US and the world.  Different locations and times of the year (peak travel season, etc.) cost different amounts of points, so depending on the amount of travel members want to do and the places members want to visit, people will buy as few as 6000 and as many as…well, as many as people want…vacation credits.  These vacation credits are purchased once – in the first year of membership – then they renew every year on the anniversary date.  If a member buys 6000 points, he can use these points to vacation for a little over a week (or several weekends, or however he wants to break it down), then on the anniversary of purchasing the points, he has 6000 more for the next year.  He can also save up the points for up to four years, for longer or more expensive vacations. 

Obviously we’re interested in the idea, though we haven’t bought in yet.  We did, however, purchase a “trial” vacation, so I’ve got vacation on the brain.  I’m really excited to spend a few days in Discovery Bay on the Olympic Peninsula (near Seattle).  

Since it is ownership, it can be willed or sold or given (ie some of Uncle Gordon’s friends gave him and the kids a week in Victoria) or bought on ebay 🙂  We’re watching ebay and a few other places (, but we’ve got time to decide whether or not we want to do this.  Everyone we’ve spoken with, however, loves it.  My principal, friends of the teachers, a quite a few of my students’ parents love Trendwest.


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