March 10, 2007

Peter Pan and the Banshee Boy

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Peter Pan is out on video.  We pre-ordered it a month ago, and Peyton has been asking almost daily to go buy it.  Today we made the trip to Bellingham to pick up Peter Pan.

I suppose I ought to explain some…behaviors…that Peyton learned this week before I tell you about our trip to pick up the Disney classic.  Two days ago he decided he didn’t want to be buckled into his carseat anymore.  He alternated between the limp noodle and the arched-back whale in mid-breach while screaming like a banshee.  The first time he did this, I followed the ignore-it-he’ll-quit policy.  It didn’t work.  After three eternal minutes, I realized that he, too, was following the ignore-it-and-she’ll-quit policy.  Eventually I moved on to the sit-down-or-I’ll-sit-you-down policy, but the limp-noodle/breeching whale action made it almost impossible, and the banshee calls weren’t helping, either.  Then I tried the sit-nice-or-you’ll-have-a-spankin’, but that didn’t even solve the problem.  Finally I resorted to a mix of the three policies, tuning out the screaming, not caring what it looks like to everyone in the world outside of our car, and squeezed his arms through the restraints and buckled him despite his noodle/whale/banshee attempts to free himself of the safe carseat.  I was extremely glad to be done with that behavior.

Except that he wasn’t done with that behavior.  He’s used it every time we’ve gone near our Yukon since Thursday’s first incident, including each time we got into the car today.  I suppose if we just keep on squishing him into his chair, he’ll eventually quit doing what he’s been doing.

The root of this behavior appears to be his desire for control over what’s going on.  Miss Jenn is ready to watch him again, so we started warning him ahead of time that he was done at Miss Niki’s (until a few days in April) and he’d get to play with Jorren and Caden (and baby Dylan) again. 

So he takes control over his life by throwing fits and wanting/not wanting whatever he asks for.  People at Target today probably thought we were abducting him – he was throwing such a fit.  We bought him an Icee at Target, but he didn’t want the lid, so I put it on and he screamed that he wanted a new Icee (wanting a “new” one is also a behavior that he often relies on when upset).  Daddy had to carry him out, and I was walking ahead of them, but when I turned around and they were far behind and poor James was struggling to hold the Banshee Boy with his limp-noodle/breaching-action, as much as I wanted to put some distance between myself and the chaos, I realized that I couldn’t leave James alone to look like a predator.  I waited for them despite my natural aversions to his actions.

Once we got home, Peyton was okay again.  We watched Peter Pan and ate dinner (beef stew tonight – Peyton even liked it), and now we’re about ready to go to bed.  We’ll pray tonight against the return of the Banshee Boy, and perhaps as I tell stories of Peter Pan and Neverland,  I’ll add in some adventures that require travel by carseat.


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  1. Gramma said,

    Banshee Boy is just a regular 3 year old. Ask Brad. I remember him doing that in the stores when he wanted me to buy him a toy….

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