March 1, 2007

Yet Another Snow Day

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There are really only three things you can do with snow.  

1 – Eat it

2 – Throw it

3 –  Make an angel of it

We had another two inches of snow yesterday afternoon.  After dinner we went out to play.  Because the cement holds the heat in, the snow never stuck to it, and the streets and sidewalks remained clear.  Today the sun was out and shining bright, so the snow that did stick to grass and trees is mostly gone by now. 

Here are a few pics from the past 24 hours:

peyton snowball  peyton daddy snow  snow angel

snowy yard

Notice beyond our backyard – they’re almost ready to build houses on the lots for sale behind us.  Anyone need a place?

When I uploaded pics from my camera, I found another one meant to be shared with you all.  Often Peyton crawls out of his room at night until we tell him to go back to bed.  One night we didn’t hear him in the hallway 🙂  It’s a good thing we turned the hall light on that night!  He might be even skinnier than he is now!

peyton sleeps

Baby update – things continue to get better.  We’ll know for sure on Monday when we see the doctor again.  Thanks SO much for praying for us!  Keep it up!



  1. Gramma Zak said,

    not 3 things, 5 things: you forgot snowmen and snowbunnies.

  2. Gramma Zak said,

    By the way, looking at Peyton sleeping on the floor reminds me of Laura. She woke up during the night and would go back to sleep somewhere else- our bed, the floor upstairs, Brad’s floor- anywhere but her own bed.

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