February 26, 2007

Patience in Uncertainty

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:27 pm by ogle3

Things weren’t going well this morning – the doctor fit me in at 1:00.  The baby was measuring small by about a week, and the heartbeat was at 75 (should be around 150).  This could be relatively normal if we just conceived one week later than estimated.  If the baby is only 6 weeks, not 7, the heartbeat is just beginning and it would be okay for it to be so low so early on.  If this is the case, baby is due October 21 (happy birthday, Daddy).

Or it could be abnormal.

The doctor said it could go either way at this point; only time will tell.

Thank God for midwinter break, so tomorrow is my last day at school this week, then we’ve got three days off plus the weekend as 90% of Lynden goes to state championships. 

My next appointment is next week Monday – hopefully the baby will be growing appropriately and the heart will be up to normal.

In the mean time, pray for us!  Waiting is hard!


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