February 24, 2007

Where’s Happy?

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You might remember my mention long ago of the Farmer’s Almanac, its accurate forewarning of the last two snowstorms, and its prediction for yet another bad storm this month.

This month has mostly come and gone, and we were beginning to doubt the Almanac’s predestination.

We were only slightly surprised by the half-inch of snow that fell yesterday before we awoke.  By 10 am you’d never have known it had snowed at all.

And that was it for our horrible February storm, according to newspapers and weather websites.  Or so they thought.

This morning it seemed awfully bright outside.  I was already planning walks to the park and perhaps a trip to Bellingham.  When Peyton finally convinced us to roll out of bed, James peeked outside to see what the dogs were doing.  He nearly screamed in fury – there was another half-inch on the ground, but that was difficult to measure because the air was white with snow.  It didn’t look like it was going to stop, either.

The temperature hovers around 35, so we’ve had a mix of rain and snow all day.  The cement is still clear and the grass still pokes through the snow, but we still feel somewhat trapped in the house.  Especially since Peyton is in a bit of a mood today 🙂 

On another note, I check American Baby’s October Mommies message board, and a lot of the other moms have pictures with their signatures.  Since I spent hours of work on one for myself, I thought I’d post it for the rest of you.

Family Pics


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  1. Ashley said,

    I like the pictures 🙂

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