February 22, 2007

Miss Mickey

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:45 pm by ogle3

I probably forgot to update everyone!  A week ago Peyton’s regular babysitter Mrs. Jenn had her baby – Dylan Jakob.  So today marks one week at “Miss Mickey’s” house.  Miss Mickey is actually Mrs. Niki, and she used to teach at LCHS.  She has a five year old boy, a three year old girl, and a nine month old baby boy.  She also has a really super cool basement and – even better – toddler-proof scooters!  Peyton loves playing with the other kids, and he loves riding the scooters “like Mariokart.”

It’s been hard transitioning – Peyton loves Miss Mickey and his new friends, but it’s new and different and that causes him some stress.  This past week has been full of tantrums and fits, screaming and lots of the word “no.”  He’s had a couple of nightmares, too, but probably his highest stress time occurs an hour or two after I pick him up.  He puts out so much energy being a good boy for everyone else, he’s done being good by the time I get him!  Add to that Mommy’s need to make dinner rather than hold him, and probably his hunger as well, and soon there’s a toddler screaming from the kitchen floor.

I’m sure he’ll adjust soon – tonight was far better than last night, so we are making progress.  In fact, I’ll bet he’ll turn into a little angel again…probably around the time that Miss Jenn is ready to have him back!


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