February 11, 2007

That Explains It

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Yesterday I posted on Peyton’s ear issues.  He slept terrible (if he slept at all – I know I didn’t), rolling around and crying that “my ear really hurts.”  We gave him what children’s tylenol we had left, but he still tossed and turned from 1-3, then slept in until 8:30.  He and I stayed home from church this morning.  After naptime we went to Target to pick up some more tylenol.  Between there and the car, I noticed a lot of wax had drained from his inner ear to the outside of his ear.  When we got home I cleaned his ear off, then I took a flashlight and peered inside.  I won’t even describe for you the disgusting, nasty gunk that nearly filled the hole!  We put a hotpad under his  ear while he laid with the yucky ear down.  A lot of it loosened up or drained out, but there’s still a lot of nasty stuff in there.

I guess Peyton will be going to the doctor tomorrow!  But at least we know what the problem is!

He did have a few words for you:

y8y8tt7ty79tyu98yt98y9ty09y790y97y97yy7y7y7uiyiyyi cvhkhghhbhbhbhhbhhhihiuhghuggyoi

uigfyuhufyfyfyvbfbbnnbvmbnmbjhbnmbbnmnjnhjhnjnhjjnjnjbnnn  bmbnnmb.m,nb,bnmnjjj

87g78b uitihiyhhglhhghy8uyy8yy987y6yihyuyiytytyhhggutugyihyuthuuyuyhhhhjhnhjhjhhkjhjhjhjhjhjioghjiohjiguity9y8u9uoyuyhuuyujihjjyiyiuyyut


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  1. stavro said,

    HOLA mrs ogle!
    congrats on the baby-to-be!!! that’s awesome!!
    glad to hear that life is good 🙂

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