February 10, 2007

Happy Valentine’s

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We celebrated Valentine’s a bit early – the *four* of us went out for dinner at Olive Garden (thanks, Gina!) tonight.  Peyton was amazing!  He sat perfectly, ate perfectly, and he even tried tomatoes and salmon without spitting them out (no, he didn’t like them).  He drank his milk, ate some breadsticks, and loved his “cheese noodles” (alfredo).  As reward, Peyton and I shared a chocolate gelato with caramel and chocolate pieces sprinkled on top.  It was really good!

After dinner we walked around at the mall for a few minutes.  Peyton only needed to be carried down the very last stretch, after walking all the rest on his own.

Arriving home, however, something happened – I unbuckled his carseat and he got out, but he immediately started crying that his ear hurt.  I thought he scratched it on the buckle or something.  He never stopped whining about it.  He had wanted to play “golf” on our wii, but when we tried to get him to play, he just wanted to be held.  He really needed a bath, and he usually likes baths, but he sobbed the whole time so we cut it short so I could hold him again.  I sat next to him until he fell asleep, but he woke up not long after and was again crying that his ear really hurts.  There is some very light rash-like spotting behind it, but I think it’s more likely ascribed to the rubbing of the ice-pack and cloth than to any bug bites or worse.  I think he just scratched it, but perhaps he’s exhausted from being so good earlier that he just wants to cause trouble tonight!


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  1. Kevin said,

    The Wii is awesome

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