February 9, 2007

What’s in the Water?

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:34 am by ogle3

It appears that ours is not the only expecting family –

Congratulations to Grycels (LCHS), Mark and Allison, Scott & Denise, and Tim & Michelle (all from Valley).

And to Peyton. 

Apparently Peyton has a baby boy Joshua in his tummy.  He pulled up his shirt yesterday and said “Look, Mommy, baby Joshua is growing!”

Last night as I tucked him into bed, he randomly asked, “Hey!  We need a baby bed!”  This morning the conversation continued after I showed him his old crib (in pieces in the spare bedroom).  A few minutes later, he asked, “Mommy, where’s your baby going to sleep?”  I replied in a confused manner – in your old crib.  He said, “No, that’s for baby Joshua, my baby…where’s your baby girl going to sleep?”

By the way, Peyton’s decided the boy’s name is Joshua, and the girl’s name is Baby Girl.  And since James and I have never been able to agree on a girl name, it might just turn out that way.


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